Friday, December 07, 2007

Body built

3mm wagon
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Aren’t modern Parkside kits wonderful ? By modern I think I mean anything released in the last 5 year – the older ones were good but the latest ones are amazing. The good news for a 3mm modeller is that the Society sponsored kits are all the latest style.

Which is why after a couple of hours lazy work my chassis is now looking much more like a wagon. I’ve even managed to fit couplings. Nothing clever here other than the brake gear. I put a cross shaft in from V hanger to V hanger. Then the brakes were cut in the middle so the operating links clipped either side of the cross shaft. Much easier than drilling a hole or just putting the shaft between the brakes.

I want to model this wagon empty as all the others are running full. To get the weight required for decent running I’ve made a lead floor. Once painted and with coal residue in the bottom I’m hoping this won’t be too obvious but we’ll see when I get it done.

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