Monday, December 17, 2007


Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
We’ve always been a big fan of mock-ups. A few hours with bits of cardboard can save may more spent finishing a model building and feeling the realisation dawn that “something” isn’t quite right about it. No matter how much detail you chuck at something, if the basic proportions are wrong then the model will look odd.

This mock-up is bigger than most, it’s the new promenade and quayside for Flockburgh. Our plan is to extend the current prom, taking it around in a curve to form a protective wall for a small harbour. On the curved end there will be a small lighthouse - the sort that marks an entrance rather than warns of rocks.

Further along the quay, behind the buffers, will be a chapel and then the end of a warehouse.

Getting the prom right wasn’t to bad. We scribbled on the baseboard quite a bit and then chopped the Daler board test piece around. Now we’re happy, my Dad is off to start work in plywood.

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