Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Butt hinge

Butt hinge
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Not one new project, but two for me at the moment. The other job I have in hand is to get Flockburgh’s scenic extension into an exhibitable state.

The extension is an 18 inch long board. Despite it having no track it’s being attached in the same way we’ve attached baseboards to each other for nearly 20 year. Loose pin hinges.

The method is simple enough, clamp the boards together and screw a hinge on the front and back. To separate the boards, just pull the pin out. This method is easier than using bolts – you don’t have to crawl under the board to fit them or do them up at a show.

Even in 14.2 the hinge is good enough to sort out all the track alignment which is good news to someone who started his modelling career helping with layouts where 10 minutes alignment at every joint was common. All that baseboard hitting and bolt fiddling is in the past.

The hinges are available from all DIY stores, no need to visit a specialist supplier either.

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