Friday, June 03, 2011

C15 up on its wheels

C15 on wheels

A big moment this. Normally I'd have a model engine up on its wheels very early in the build process. With this kit however, this is a little trickier than normal.

The front end of the chassis, the part of the frames that carry the bogie, are part of the body. This means fitting them provides an annoying lump up the front end while you are trying to work above the footplate. Therefore I simply left them off until the last minute. That way, I can work with a model that will sit flat on the workbench and not rock around all over the place. I need all the help I can get after all.

Anyway, the big bits and even some of the small bits, are complete so I added the front frames and screwed the bogie into place. Finally, I get an idea what the finished model is going to look like. To enhance the effect I plopped the chimney and dome in place as well. Obviously I will sit them down rather better than this later on...

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