Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grotty hut in Garden Rail

I'm building a garden railway, so what could be more natural than for bits of it to appear in "Garden Rail" ? That's what I thought anyway when I sat down and had a chat with Tag Gorton at the 16mm AGM earlier this year. He seemed interested, especially if I was the sort of person who can't stick to the instructions that come with a kit. That's me, so I submitted a piece to see what would happen.

This month, happen it did. Pages 39 & 40 belong to me !

The process was surprisingly quick considering the specialist nature, and tiny staff, of the magazine. The guest editor was in touch with me a fortnight after I mailed the words off to check a couple of points. These were were quickly sorted out and then I just had to wait, scanning every issue when it arrived in Smiths and even buying a couple because of the interesting content.

My article looks pretty much as I sent it off, which is a compliment, except for the phrase "32 Sovs" when they mean 32 quid. Regular readers of this blog will know "sovs" is not part of my lexicon !

Now, I wonder if I could follow the article on building a propeller powered Zeplin rail car in G gauge...

Garden Rail website

Grotty Hut

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