Friday, June 10, 2011

G Van in G, Class 33 and G Scale Society in Hornby Magazine

July's issue of Hornby Magazine sees 3 articles with my name on the top of them. Starting with the supplement guide on Garden Railways, I've written what I think is my first feature article on the G Scale Society. At the 16mm Soc. AGM I had a chat with the very friendly and helpful members on the stand about this. A few e-mails later and I'd described the society and everyone was happy. The idea came about because my Dad joined them and the turn around of paperwork and in-house magazine was so fast as to be breathtaking.

In the main mag I stick with the whole garden thang and build an IP Engineering Isle of Man "G" van kit. Loads of plywood and some new and exciting tools that hopefully make the piece of interest even to the modeller not looking outside and seeing a baseboard rather than a lawn.

Viking and G van

Finally I've taken a Hornby Railroad Class 33 diesel and given it a bit of a makeover using a Craftsman detailing kit, a flush glaze pack and some bits of plastic. For some reason I'm more pleased than normal with this model. I know that the roof line is wrong and the underframe is iffy but the finished model is lovely. There was some disagreement over the removal of couplings at one end so in deference to the editor, I did both. But I prefer tensions locks all round 'cos that's what my layouts tend to require.

And if you fancy doing the same thing, you can download the headcodes from my free downloads area.

Class 33 loco

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