Monday, May 13, 2019


Inspired by my trip to Stanford Hall, I have dug a plastic kit for a cabriolet Beetle out from the stash. One that will hopefully be a nice simple job to stick together. 

Imai's kit is from the Junior range. Apparently, it can be built with a motor, although sadly, there isn't one included in this kit. Nor the working headlights - and I'm going to resist the temptation to do something about this. 

The main body is a single moulding with plenty of chromed parts to add. We love chromed parts, don't we? 

Step 1 - respray the main body. I think the idea is that you are supposed to use the self-coloured plastic, but that's rubbish as at the very least you'll need to polish it once the mould lines are removed from the top of the wings. And they really must be, it's one of those lovely curvy areas you look at on a bug. 

Paint of choice is Arrow Red from the Humbrol Acrylic range. Mostly because we seem to have lots of cans of the stuff left over from other projects. Working outside (the spray booth is packed away) it goes on well in light coats and dries nicely. I primed the inner wings with white before giving them a dose of body colour too as this is a new car and that's what VW did.

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