Friday, May 31, 2019

R2D2 frustration

R2D2 is built!

Standing at 19 inches tall and weighing quite a big (he won't fit on the scales) this is one impressive model. It's a good looking one too. Although there is a lot of self-coloured plastic going on, it's satin rather than gloss finish.

One slight snag - R2 needs batteries and I don't mean some AAs from the newsagent. He needs something special.

No problem you think, there will be details at the end of the partwork.

There is a specification, but no suggestion where you might get some.  The website just says "COMING SOON - a link to order batteries optimised for use in your R2-D2 droid. More information will be available shortly." as it has done for several months.

Looking at the topic on the company forum, there is a truculent post from the admin on the 26th January saying "Until the further update of the DeAgostini battery this topic will remain locked."

Basically, it looks like DeAgostini is saying, "We have your money, now sod off."

Fortunately, I have found a website that caters for builders. Team 18650 have a page full of advice and will shortly be recieving an order for power cells. At a fiver each, this won't be cheap, but then the whole project has cost over £900 so far.

If it all works, then that's not a problem. My Dad has enjoyed the build so far. It's easy to spend this much on beer in a year (just under 4 pints a week, 6 in a 'spoons) and you don't get a good looking droid for your money.

What's frustrating is that I've always defended part-works from those whose knee-jerk reaction is that they are rubbish/never complete/too expensive and now I feel I'm being shafted by the company who makes this one. I doubt I will be so quick to rush to their defence in future.

Now, where's the address for Trading Standards...

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