Sunday, August 11, 2019

Stratford-on-Avon industrial and narrow gauge exhibition 2019

Short freight

A new show and a quirky one. In the town of Shakespeare's birth, a Methodist hall full of narrow gauge model railways.

Obviously, this is right up my street and walking in I spy Chris Payne and his Pyn Valley Railway. I've always been a sucker for tin-roofed buildings with bit writing on the top. The "Fox Food" pub gladdens my heart when I drive down the A14 and "Tram" on the model roof sets the scene.

However, I wasn't there for this, I had a goal to take some photos of the extension to Campbell's Quarry. Adding an engine shed to the layout has completely changed the look of the model, far more than I'd expected. The plan is that these will form the basis of a BRM article in the future.

Looking in the loco shed

Next to this was Tony's forest.

Steeple cab through the trees

Much as I love this layout and enjoy shooting snapshots, it cries out for a proper session with the camera, but sooooo many trees. It needs someone with a Benbo tripod to get in there, so I'm trying to persuade a suitably equipped gentleman to arrange something. Not to worry for the moment, I had fun looking for angles.

I did manage to take some proper shots of Castle Wharf Kendal, another atmosphere filled small layout.

Castle Wharf Kendal diesel

Despite the lack of length, I see I still managed to take 18 different photos. That's the thing with a detailed layout, you can still find loads of interest. 

I can't go through all the layouts, but each was worth a good look and I'm ashamed to say I didn't really get the time to do them all justice. As packing away was happening, I realised one model featured acoustic mirrors and I hadn't taken a photo!

Catering was locally produced and included some really excellent lemon crumble. I bought one slice but then had a second forced on me by Mr Campbell as I photographed his layout!

Apparenlty, this show is a one-off, but let's hope that changes. 

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Anonymous said...

Andi Nethercoat, the organiser of the event, is to be hugely congratulated for –

[1] all his hard work, and

[2] raising £1,000 for the Brain Tumor Support charity.

As an exhibitor is was a pleasure to have had a small supporting rôle and to have enjoyed the day in the company and society of like minded modellers and the public.

Christopher Payne
("Pyn Valley Railway")