Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Testing the Mayflower

First job: Clean the battery compartment terminals in the very 80s looking handset. Drop some new AA's into this and the holder under the loco. Swithc on, enjoy the lights coming on, and beeping noise. Waggle the sticks and be pleased all appears well. 

Off down to the garage for some gas and water. Then:

Phil is a very happy boy. The loco lights easily and steams well. Maybe the O-ring under the safety valve could do with replacement, and I'm not sure how much use the presure gauge is, but this is a very, very nice model. 

Speed control is good, it will run at a very modest pace, unlike many chuffers at shows as far as I can tell. Even on a short length of track, it's controlable. When warm, the burner can be turned to silent. 

Next, I need to find a track to run it on properly. Ideally a 45mm gauge one so I can put a train behind it using those LGB couplings. On this list are some replacement buffer beams with centre buffers, or even choppers. 

This loco is a keeper.


James Finister said...

I think many people loved this model. It still stands out as an exceptional freelance loco that is both believable and useful on all sorts of lines. Tom Cooper had many many faults, but he did give us a fresh start to the hobby.

Richard said...

Happy that you have landed a gem there - hopefully it goes someway to make up for the partial success that was the Pilot / Rescue Boat....


Phil Parker said...

It's only since buying the model I've found out how popular it is - which makes it's sitting on a stand at a show all day even more surprising.

If you "bond" with steam locos then I think I'm bonding with this one. Like the Regner Willi, it is pleasant to steam but I don't think of it as too precious to run. If I can get out and about a bit to other lines, it will be coming with me and I look forward to using it.