Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Waterborne Wednesday: Money can't buy taste

Last week I showed you a very attractive super-yacht. This week, we look at what is moored in front of it.

Words fail me. I'm sure it is terribly luxurious  I'm sure, in a gold bathtaps sort of way, but my god, it's ugly. 

The back end isn't any better. 

However, behind it, is a much more interesting boat. 

Not a great photo as it's from my 'phone, but an interesting tug. Not a Bantam I think, and is that the hint of a front rudder for added manouverability I see?


Andy in Germany said...

When I learned cabinet making a colleague worked for a yacht builder (In Stuttgart, 600km from the sea). He said fitting out a Yacht would cost 1 million euro for every metre of the interior.

And yet that lump of ostentation depends on those little boats to keep its waterways clear.

Phil Parker said...

A little out of my price range then.

Looking at the big boat, I suspect it makes more sense in Monaco where it can be backed up to the quayside. That, and the weather is more suited to lounging around on the rear deck drinking cocktails!