Saturday, April 01, 2023

Saturday Film Club - Hand soldering from 1944

"Hand Soldering” is a 1944 US Office of Education black-and-white training film providing theories of soldering including how to prepare soldering irons and torches, how to clean and prepare the works, and details on how to fasten joints, solder wire and lug joints, as well as ways to seal seams. 

Once you get past the narrators insistance of calling it "sodder", then this is an interesting little film. A lot of the principles are still relevant today too. 

I'm impressed by the closeup filming. Using a film camera, the solderer must have found it really awkward to work, those things won't be small!


Luke Stevens said...

I get ModelRailroder Magavine and have access to their model building videos. The "sodder" references drive me up the wall! There is a "L" is solder: why don't they pronounce it?!?

BR60103 said...

My father was a radar tech in WW2 for the RCAF/RAF on a desert island in the Indian Ocean.

He told me that they soldered units inside the planes by heating the iron on a gas stove, running out to the plane, and hoping the iron was still hot enough.