Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Brake van update


Brake van chassis
Last year, the the GBMRS, I started work on an O gauge Parkside brake van - LNER 20 Ton Toad E - kit. That year, I managed to assemble the floor, solebars, strengtheners and three W-irons. 

This year, I added the fourth W-iron, and all the axleboxes, which slide up and down nice and freely. This kit is different from previous Parkside models I've built in this area. And extra plate on the outside, behind the axlebox, keeps the glue away from the places where you really don't want glue. 

You might considetr this slow progress, but my feeling is that if you get any modelling done at a show, then you've had a poor demo. I take a board and a kit more as a prop than to get the thing built. As such, I consider my lack of progress very satisfying!

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