Sunday, November 05, 2023

Great British Model Railway Show 2023


Phil Parker chatting at the GBMRS

Busy. Non-stop chat for pretty much two days. Brilliant fun, but tiring. 

While the initial rush wasn't massive, once it finished, the crowds just kept on coming. Being next to thye up escalator meant we got a feel for the numbers. On the couple of occasions I managed to escape to go to the toilet, or collect lunch (sandwich, fruit and a cookie), the aisles were challenging to navigate. You could do it, but it was slow progress. 

Richard Proudman and Simon Kohler

I had all sorts of people sat opposite me for a chat, with much advice dished out over the weekend. There didn't seem to be any single question that dominated, although I helped a few beginners with ideas, one of whom has gone on to join our model railway club!

All this chat meant limited time looking around, but the star of the show for me, was the Tri-ang Battlespace layout. 

Battlespace Turbo cars

The three Battlespace Turbo cars, one original, one khaki and one modified to look like the original catalogue painting. At the end of the show, the owner generously let me have a go with his ultra-rare Q-Car too! 

Cake news - I photographed a layou, and was presented with a box of shortbread, and top bloke, Robert Shrives, brought along some delicious blackberry chocolate brownie. 

A really enjoyable event. What I saw looked great, and the people I talked to seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot, so roll on next year!


Woz said...

G'day Phil,

The first picture with the clear cake container in front of you has a train in it.
Does the train operate ?

Cheers Woz

Phil Parker said...

Yes it does. The 009 Quarry Hunslet runs around a very tight circle of track. Very popular - one couple were inspired to consider something similar for the top of their wedding cake!