Friday, November 03, 2023

Weetabix racer


Weetabix racing car
A bit of nostalgia rescued from the bottom of a 5p each, diecast cars box at a recent show. 

I had one of these - in fact, it's probably still in the loft somewhere. Back in the 1970s, if you collected enough tokens from boxes of Weetabix breakfast cereal, and sent them off, you got a Corgi model in the post. The first offered was a lorry, but this was followed by a racing car. Broom Brooooom!

Weetabix racing car

Anyway, I know someone who works for Weetabix, so picked this car up and passed it on as a present. Apparently, it has gone down very well and is being boroomed around the desks in the office. I apologise if this means a disruption in production. 

At the same time, I bought a Matchbox caravan - but now can't find it. It's not in my rucksack, nor, as far as I can tell, in the back of my car. I wonder what happened to it?

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