Thursday, November 02, 2023

Save a 2nd hand station in BRM

Digging around in the back of my local model shop, I found a Hornby station. It had been stuck together, and obviously spent time on a layout, before ending up in a box, at the back of the shop. For £25, I rescued it, and then gave it a makeover. 

The result, in my opinion, looks pretty good. Nothing too difficult, or expensive, and the model could now sit on any layout and look the part. 

Elsewhere, I've taken a low-relief chapel, and given it a bit of depth. 

I'm not a fan of a flat row of buildings along the back of a layout, but doing something to improve matters isn't too hard. 

There's also building a snowman (it's the December issue after all), screwdrivers, grass and some nifty track laying tools. 

My camera has been out again for Lockdown Fen: 

Lockdown Fen

A lovely little micro layout, just the sort of thing I like to build. Speaking to the owner, he's happy that I've managed to make it look a lot larger than it really is!

Finally, one of the odder layouts I've photographed - Roadrunner. 

It's the December issue, so we get to let our hair down a little. The thing it, this sort of modelling is hard. I've seen many really clever ideas like this let down in the execution, but not here. The landscape looks just like the one from the cartoons. All the accesories are sharply modelled. OK, it's not conventional, but that doesn't mean it's not a good layout. 

And on BRM TV, I'm showing how my gas torch works. 

Maybe not everyone needs one of these, but it doesn't do any harm to learn about them. After all, who can resist an interesting addition to the toolbox?

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James Finister said...

Lockdown Fen is very much "a layout I want to build" - in fact I started something similar, though I suspect it could end up being in 7mm scale when the dust settles on various things.