Friday, November 10, 2023

Weetabix vans


Hornby Weetabix vans
Last week, we had the Weetabix racer, so now, thanks to more rooting around in boxes under a trade table, a pair of Weetabix rail vans. All for a couple of quid each. 

Ramsay's tells me that these are both R728. The left hand one being produced in 1980-81, and the right hand one with skinhead characters, 1986-9. The latter has a replacement roof, and I think a more modern chassis as there is a lot of underframe detail if you tip the model upside down. 

The older model will probably follow the racer, but the other really ought to be a magazine project. Not sure what (suggestions?) but I'd like to keep the totally unauthentic livery. Perhaps a finer chassis and a little weathering? 

The more I look at these, I wonder if a little collection of Hornby advertising vans is in order. A rake of these would look really nice, and wouldn't break the bank. However, I think I have too many toy trains I don't get the chance to run already. Perhaps a OO garden layout? Stop it Parker!!!

Incidentally, I mentioned a missing Matchbox caravan last time. This has now been found hiding in the back of my car, and is lined up for a project.


Paul B. said...

I find Hornby's advertising vans are perfect for my Xmas trainset, a place where anything even slightly prototypical is frowned upon.

Stuart F said...

The body is a half-decent model of a Hull & Barnsley van. Not much use if you want to keep the livery of course!