Sunday, February 04, 2024

Aldergrove in the last standalone Traction



I remember buying the first issues of Traction magazine, when it first appeared on the newstands 280 issues ago. I'm not really the target market, so didn't carry on. However, there is a demand for more vintage diesel content, so from the next issue, it will be merged into BRM, and that means a four-wheekly appearance. 

What I didn't imagine all those years ago, was that my layout photos would make it into the final standalone issue. My shoot of N gauge layout "Aldergrove" is there though, and I'm quite chuffed. (OK, "chuffed" isn't an appropriate term for a diesel mag, but you know what I mean.)

Of course, Traction in BRM means a demand has been created for even more blue diesel layout shoot, so if you have something suitable, drop me a line at work with a couple of photos

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