Friday, February 02, 2024

Vale of Rheidol in the 1980s


A few more old photos dug out of an album. This time, my only visit to the Vale of Rheidol railway, which looks to be from the 1980s. 

Sadly, the locos were no longer in the rail blue livery, but at least they were still owned by BR, so I could cross all three off in my Pltform 5 spotting book!


It was obviously a day full of Welsh liquid sunshine, and I probably took these photos on my trusty Zenit 12 camera. It might hav weighed a ton, but being rugged and reliable, would carry on making photos rather better than its bargain price suggested.

As I recall, my Dad and I travelled by train that day. Hardly surprising, as in the one photo I appear in, it looks like I'm 13, and he doesn't drive! It's a trip I really should repeat, once I've saved up for the train ticket. Things have changed a lot there. Still no rail blue steam engines though...

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