Monday, February 12, 2024

Well, that's not going to fit.


Exactly how the Sentinet should be powered, has always been a mystery. The is a motor, and a gearbox, and a pair of motor supports in the chassis. The only support one end of the motor though. 

Anyway, I robbed the gears from the 'box and assembled them, and the motor, into the chassis as best I could. Initially, it looked promising, but sadly, the gear wheel is too large, and rubs on the motor support. A couple of mm and we'd be good to go!

OK, squeezing the Delrin gears would be "interesting", but I think they might just have cleared the motor.


Anonymous said...

Can you not remove the mount then put some plastic card under the far end until the worm gear faces down so it can go under the larger gear, once the fit is correct, you can then make a new mount at the front, you could also place a strap over the motor attached to the inside of the frames for me support.


Phil Parker said...

Maybe. But I have other ideas for that motor now, and have found a smaller one.