Thursday, February 08, 2024

March Garden Rail


March brings you a bumper issue of Garden Rail. This month, our lead layout is the stunning Lazy Grange Bay 3, built by Michael Duffy. This isn't just a garden railway, it's an entire world in miniature!

On the workbench this month:

  • A 16mm fish van
  • Anglicising a pair of Gauge 1 railbuses
  • Sorting out a live steam Hunslet with new radio control
  • Refurbishing lineside details
  • Turning a G scale diesel into a steam tram
  • Building a real life diesel-electric locomotive
  • Creating a locomotive from cardboard
  • A 3D printed snowplough

There's also all the latest new products for modellers, and a review of the Regner Guinness live steam locomotive.

And finally, the complete show guide for the Midlands Garden Rail show!


James Finister said...

I hear the Guinness loco was good for you

Phil Parker said...