Monday, June 25, 2007


HO Barclay
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
I’m doing another Barclay. I think this will be the fifth one I’ve built from the Mercian kit. People keep asking me.

Of course the good thing is that as I’ve built the kit before I cab crack on quickly. What you see is the result of an Inspector Morse (DVD, about 1.75 hours) and the film 28 Days later (Channel 4 so say a couple of hours) plus an extra hour or so.

The trickiest job is the handles on the bonnet. A couple of locos ago I figured this out. You don’t cut the handles to length until they are soldered in. Basically the trick is to bend the end of the wire, solder it in position and then cut the remains to length. I use an old business card as a spacer so they are all the same distance from the side.

OK so this is the 80% that takes 20% of the time but there is detail so I don’t think I am very far away from finishing. Mind you I still have to make it work and as this model is in HO (3.5mm scale) that isn’t as easy as the OO version. The cab steps get in the way of the rod as I recall…

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