Wednesday, June 27, 2007


chassis on jig
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
The Barclay gave me the opportunity to rest out a new modelling gadget that I inherited. It’s a Mastermodels jig. In theory this is going to guarantee a nice square chassis which in turn should mean that the locomotive will run properly first time.

You are supposed to the set the axles by putting the ends through the holes in the con rods. This sets the wheelbase. All the jigs are locked in using Allen bolts. The bits of chassis then slide onto the axles and soldered together. Accuracy guaranteed.

Unfortunately the axles ends are 1.5mm wide and Romford cranks are 1mm. I’ll need to see if I can order another set with the right ends. As it was I used one side of the chassis hoping that the squareness of the jig will do the job.

Soldering the bits together was fiddly as I was trying to hold all the bits at once. I managed it though, and once I assembled the wheels and rods things ran nicely.

So far so good. Maybe this will cure all those sticky chassis anxieties for the future.

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