Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Loose ends

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I’m terrible for starting new projects before finishing old ones. In this I don’t think I’m alone as many friends have the same problem. This means that modelling cupboards of the world are filled up with half-complete projects.

So in an effort to stop,I had another look at Idris this weekend. To be honest I don’t have a lot to do to the boat. Perhaps an air horn on the cabin roof might be a good idea, and some navigation lights but otherwise all I need to do is make a box and then enjoy the model.

As Sunday was nice and sunny the battery was charged and the boat launched on the pool in the garden.

Despite being very light she sailed very nicely. As befits any model boat powered by a dismantled servo the speed was either slow or stop with little in between. Steering isn’t bad and even in reverse the craft is manoeuvrable.

This is not a boat for winds, waves or indeed any sort of weather apart from sunny, still days. However it pootled around the pool very pleasantly for at least 45 minutes with power to spare. Just the sort of relaxing sail to be enjoyed in the evening when the furthest I can be bothered to travel is the bottom of the garden.

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