Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Holiday souvenirs

3mm scale fishing boat
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Holidays are great. A few days to unwind, forget your cares and get a break from work.

Of course the keen model maker never rests. He or she sees the time as a chance to plan a new project or research for a current one. Many even take a little box of tools and a simple job to while away quiet evenings when it’s too cold for the beech and all attractions are shut.

My camera was put to work collecting details of fishing boats for a future model, currently number two in the queue for boat kits. I struck lucky and in Brixham harbour found exactly the sort of boat I was looking for. Now I know what the parts look like, scratchbuilding them will be soooo much easier. Of course I need to work out where to get 1/12th scale netting from.

Mooching around the shops selling seaside souvenirs I also found a model boat. Not suprising really as half the output from China these days seems to consist of wooden models to adorn your mantelpiece and gather dust. This though is a different proposition. A nice resin model of a mdern-ish fishing boat. It’s pretty close to 3mm scale as well. All this for £1.99 – what a bargain.

OK, so the details aren’t exactly right and some of the painting is iffy or peeling. Nothing there though that can’t be easily fixed.

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