Thursday, June 14, 2007

Great Inventions No. 64532

Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Quick drying varnish that you can clean off the brush with ordinary water.

Without it I wouldn’t have been able to slap two coats on Tomsk’s transport box on a warm afternoon. The results look pretty good too. I gave the wood a quick sand between the coats and ended up with a nice smooth finish.

According to the side of the can the results will be reasonably waterproof too. Pretty important when I plan to stick a wet boat back inside sometimes !

I confess that I don’t understand how anything that can be washed off the brush with soapy water can survive getting wet but then I failed my A-Level chemistry for being stupid so perhaps I’m not best placed to work it out.

What I do know is that along with the rest of the world, I hate washing out paintbrushes in turps. It’s a messy smelly job that often leads to brushes being abandoned in jam jars of stinky cleaner. We might not have domestic robots yet but easy clean varnish is a pretty good alternative.

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