Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pannier window

pannier window
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Some things on a model locomotive have to be neat – in fact if you can’t make them neat you’re better leaving them off as the eye spots them and registers a problem. Lines of rivets for example, get ‘em wonky and everyone will point and laugh. Leave them off and the viewer probably won’t notice them.

Guard bars at the back of tank locos are another. On the Pannier they were all in place but wonky. The trick here is to use a spacer behind them and push each one against this so they are all the same distance from the window.

In gauge 1 I was able to use a handy wooden stirring stick purloined from a coffee-house or McDonalds. In smaller scales a bit of cardboard is best but here I needed depth. I suppose that the GWR didn’t space the guards exactly the same as I have but they look the part and were nice and easy to do.

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