Monday, June 04, 2007


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The lack of blog postings over the last few days is due to me being on holiday in Paington. Sorry if you were bored and needed your latest fix of my model making exploits.

My hosts were keen to show me around Devon and being a railway modeller, one of the places to visit is Pecorama.

Now I have known of Pecorama for years. It’s home of the great model railway track manufacturer Peco. Since the 1960’s they have advertised in the Todeller with a picture of the building frontage. I always thought it looked quite impressive. Very 60’s in an almost Gerry Anderson sort of way.

There is promise of a display of model railways as well as a 7¼ inch line. Something for all the family although I confess that I had a feeling the experience would have rather too many “Look a train moving, isn’t it cute” moments for me.

The other reason I was interested in going is that Pecorama is in the village of Beer. I like Beer and find the name amusing in the way that all tourists will and all residents won’t.

So we drive up the hideously steep (1 in 5 I think) hill on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

And it’s shut.

What sort of tourist attraction closes at 1pm on a Saturday during the peak tourist season ? This one obviously.

Still, the main building looks just as impressive as I thought it would which is a small consolation.

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