Friday, June 15, 2007

Slingshot Mods part 1

slingshot mod
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
In theory all the water should stay on the outside of any model boat. Water inside means you have a submarine – fine if that’s what you built but otherwise not something that leads to happiness. I suppose this is one area where models are just like the real thing !

However if you are as rubbish at racing as I am and your boat spends time upside down, water in the works is a certainty.

Slingshots seem reasonably resilient to internal wetness but eventually the speed controls die from it. As bought this is attached to the back of the motor. Since I wanted to waterproof it all three wires were carefully desoldered and extended. Then the circuit board has been wrapped in a plastic bag.

I have tested this and the speed control is still working. The motor wasn’t happy but at least the electronic survive and the motor is much simpler to dry out.

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