Sunday, December 06, 2009

Baseboard top

Work really gets in the way of modelling doesn't it ?

All I've managed to do with the box file layout is get a bit of wood to act as the baseboard top and even that was just a quick trip to Torries hardware and thier magic wood cutting machine.

I now own a bit of 6mm thick plywood 74cm long and 20.5cm wide. Not very big. In fact it looks a lot smaller than I had thought. A lot smaller. It's a good fit in the box though.

Under the board I've breaking with tradition and will be using softwood framing instead of more ply. Some inch by 1/4 inch would be ideal but I'll see what I can get. Before doing this some idea of how the points are operated would be a good idea. I might need to allow for cut outs if there is to be any rivers/canals running through the model.

So, by next week I hope to have sprinkled some point plans on the wood to see what fits.

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