Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Funky microstrip

Funky microstrip

Digging around in the boxes under trade stands at exhibitions can be enormously rewarding. I've picked up many of the little bits that are so handy for model making this way. It seems that if it's not a Hornby choo choo then some traders are happy to chuck it in a box marked 50p.

This is A Good Thing. And explains why I have boxes of tiny packets. So many that sadly I can no longer remember what is in most of these leading to many duplicates.

I am certain though that I have never seen this stuff before. Strips of plastic made by someone other than Slaters. Supplied in a wide selection of colours.

Why ?

Who decided that what a modeller needed was a variety of colours ? It's not like it wouldn't be easier to just produce white. Or black which is also useful.

Each pack has a reasonably consistent range of colours too. Did someone at P&E Modelling Accessories have the job of counting each colour into a packet ? If so, did the product vanish from the market because they went mad ?

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Zabdiel said...

It looks more like a packet of drinking straws!