Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Dovetail test piece

Wednesday means college night. I'm still on the furniture making course and this term I've been building a tool chest. The oak for the carcase has been planed to thickness and chopped to size. Before I start on the real thing, time has been taken to practise the corner joints.

Our tutor is a bit old fashioned and won't admit there is a tool to make dovetail joints. We have to do it the hard way with saws and chisels. I suppose this the best way to learn but I have to admit that I like using the machinery. It's good fun and the results are better. Ultimately I suppose a bit of satisfaction is lost but when you are hacking away at a lump of dead tree, it's a small price to pay.

On the positive side, oak is a whole lot easier to work than softwood. Give me a sharp chisel and even I can carve shavings off instead of just making mush as I did on the softer material. In fact the carving is actually a very pleasant process. I'd still like to try the machine though...

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Jeff said...

This took me back 30 + (arhhhmm) years to my woodwork class at school. Again we had to use tennon saws and sharp chisels, But as I was also really into maths and geometry as soon as I got home I had to create an angled dovetail to form an angled pedestal Lamp. Never did finish the lamp but I really enjoyed making the joint.

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