Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sunday supplement windows

The Kinkade cottage is a solid lump of resin. Therefore the windows are as transparent as mud. The only way anyone will think that they are glass and peering closely will reveal a sylvanian scene within is if I deploy my greatest artistry and produce something of exceptional quality.

No. Not really. Solid windows never really look right.

However my goal with this model is to produce something that could be found in the back pages of the rubbish Sunday magazine you get with the newspaper. In one of those adverts that include the phrase "Send no money now" while offering the chance to pay in 37 installments, all the time hoping you don't notice that you are buying tat for the price of a small car.

Anyway, my method, should you fancy fleecing credulous Daily Express (is there any other sort) readers is this: Frames carefully painted with Humbrol 147 (Light grey). Panes painted with the same colour. Once this is dry a drop of thinned yellow acrylic, from the pots that came in the box with the cottage, is plopped into each pane. It dries slightly unevenly with most of the pigment around the edge thus simulating the effect of light shining out from the room within. Lovely.

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