Monday, May 22, 2017

Bit of a shock in Banbury

So there I was having to change trains at Banbury. It was approaching 4pm, so I though, "I'm in no rush, I'll wander along to Trinders." It's an excellent in-town model shop where I've enjoyed many a happy session perusing the shelves and left much of my money behind in return for exciting products.

Imaging my surprise when I round the corner and see this sight:

Oh no! It's gone! Another model shop casualty. 

A closer look revealed that they hadn't gone, just moved down the road slightly.  

The new shop incorporates the existing cycle store and adds a snack shop for some reason. 

Inside, the previous generous space given over to models has been compressed. I'm sure there is less stock, but not as much as you might think. The shelves got up a lot higher for a start. Some more specialist ranges have been trimmed a bit, I bought the last O gauge wagon kit in the shop for a start but then I doubt there was ever a rush for these. 

The huge range of glues and paint is stil behind the counter, you still get Hornby and Bachmann stock, some at impressive discount (J15 £99) and scenic materials and wood are still for sale. I suspect that the odder items have been sold off though. They still have a very large aircraft centre cap for a propeller in white if you want it. How that ever made it into a general shop stock I don't understand. 

Everything being on one floor allows for embarrassment free looking at the toys too. Well you never know what might come in useful!

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Andy in Germany said...

So... a shop that sells stuff for bicycles and model railways.

It is probably best that I live a very long way away.