Friday, May 05, 2017

The Aussies pay a return visit

Three years ago, I was invited over to Australia for the BRMA conference. I can't have offended them too much as when paying a visit to "the old country", three of the people I met over there were keen to meet up again. 

So, last Saturday, Peter, Andrew and Gavin were given the guided tour of our model railway club by my dad in his role as president. Although nothing was operating, they still enjoyed themselves, even when I made them do the classic pointing pose for a photo!

You can see some of Gavin's work in this blog post. 

After this, they were persuaded to visit Leamington station as their packed itinerary included a visit to Pete Waterman's model of it. That and dropping in to my local model shop - which is about the same size as one of the display cases in your average emporium down under! 

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Anonymous said...

You mean you didn't put one of your layouts up in the clubroom
Like the 3mm one