Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Is this a real GWR plaque?

Bought this weekend for a tenner, this is a cast iron GWR coat of arms. Obviously it needs restoration, that was most of the appeal. Well, that and the price.

What confuses me is, is it real?

I don't mean does it physically exist, that is a definite. What I want to know is, is this a real GWR item? How could I tell?

 The piece is 11 inches wide and a tiny bit over 12 inches tall. Weight is just under 7 pounds - it's scrap value alone is a couple of quid. Two holes 19cm apart are cast through it.

Assuming this is a replica, or casting taken from a real plaque, what was it's original use? 


Anonymous said...

I bought one in similar condition at the weekend, have you found any more out about it?



Phil Parker said...

Not so far I'm afraid. I can't even find anyone local who can sandblast it!