Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wooden 32mm gauge track

A rather neat kit - wooden track panels from I P Engineering. Designed for 32mm gauge, it's essentially a set track system for 16mm scale garden railways. Curves and straights are available, all laser cut from plywood.

Assembly jigs are included as part of the fret. You double them up and they provide a track gauge. My dad pinned the parts on to a fibreboard for even faster building. After trimming the "rail" ends with a few strokes of a sanding stick, the panels lock together ready to be used. 

I'm thinking this stuff can be used for temporary railways - like miniature contractors lines. I see it laid on a freshly cut lawn for some short term garden railway running with battery locomotives. Good fun on a sunny day.

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Mr Taylor Anthony said...

Laser cutting. Isn't it great. I've built the lcut warehouse as a 2 x length low relief unit and have the double engine shed to do, a joy to build. Looks like this technique could be used for baulk road GWR track in the smaller scales effectively.