Friday, December 29, 2017

Paint your driver

There's not much to "come alive" on this boat, but what there is is all here.

I think it was the resin-head driver figure that sold the kit to me as much as anything and so I've enjoyed painting his face. Nothing exciting, just a coat of flesh dry-brushed with flesh+pale grey. Goggles picked out in matt aluminum and leather. Looking at drivers from the 50s and 60s, they weren't the walking billboards todays are but I felt some BP symbols on the chest (I didn't fancy hand painting Castrol ones) would break up the regulation white overalls.

The exhaust and air scoop are painted with a shiny gunmetal, which is really nice, especially since it's brush painted. I couldn't be bothered to mask and spray.

At the back, number 9 is my club racing number and it looks good on the back. The only other lettering being "Miss-Chief" on the side of the cockpit. I wanted a hand-painted feel in the manner of a WW2 aircraft. Not sure this is right, it will stay until I see something better.

Anyway, once I find the can of red paint, I just have to do the rudder and we are ready for final assembly.

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