Sunday, December 17, 2017

Station lamps

I visited the North Norfolk Railway this week, and while waiting around, couldn't resist talking a few photos of some of the platform furniture.

Station Lamp - Holt

First, we have the lamps on Holt station. These are a common design, but not often seen on model railways. Does anyone know of a manufacturer doing this design? It would be perfect for those branch-line stations we all like.

Station Lamp - Weybourne

Weybourne is a grander station and hence has grander lamps. You can buy this sort of thing from people like Kytes Lights and they will even work - rather better than the one in my photo!

While I was there, I spotted a useful piece of advice to leave you with this Sunday. 

Wise words indeed.

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Nick Brad said...

I don't think anyone likes soggy biscuits ;)

Did you manage to see the ex W&U tramway coach whilst there?