Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ultimate photo-etch placer

A nifty tool picked up at the IPMS show a few weeks ago - Ultimate Photo-Etch Placer.

Basically, a pair of pencils but with wax rather than graphite cores. Sharpen in the normal pencil way and then when handling stupidly small items, prod with the tip of the "pencil". The wax grabs the small object and holds it.

I know it's poking into the nut above, but that's just the way I set it up for the photo. The wax seems to grab metal perfectly well and handles the sides of nuts and washer plus those tiny bits of etched brass that need to be manipulated when building a kit.

The grab seems strong enough to move things around and place them, but easy to break and leaves no visible residue. (OK, you'll want to degrease the model before painting, but you do that anyway).

For £2.99 a pair, a handy addition to the toolbox.

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