Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saturday Film club: Blue Circle Cement

Just a short film today as I'm sure you are probably doing Christmas preparation stuff. 

It's Crimbo you have to thank for this film. No, I'm not giving anyone a bag of cement as a present, imagine the mess when it is unwrapped! 

No, while in my local branch of WH Smith looking for books, I spotted a history of Rugby Cement lorries. A quick flick through put it firmly in the "if money and shelf space were unlimited I'd buy this" category, but not (for me) at £30. 

The video is interesting because of the range of transport on show. There are even some unbraked railway wagons. Plenty of lorries, squeaky clean drivers (did they really wear those caps?) and of course railway wagons as produced by Airfix.

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Unknown said...

Interesting video.

When I was a kid I visited the blue circle works at northfleet, Kent. Very hot, noisy and loud it was too.

I'd always assumed it made cemment, but that video suggests it made 'other products' probably had aggregates come from angerstein wharf, and may even have had it's own internal railway there and a dock for loading etc.