Monday, February 11, 2019

BK Enterprises point parts

One of the "bargainz" picked up from Stafford was a pair of points from BK Enterprises in the USA.

Now to me, these are pre-built points designed for spiking to wooden sleepers. The rails are held in place with metal strips tack soldered on the top surface - one of mine has come adrift but it's not a problem. The frog and check rails seem to be secured with generous washes of solder underneath. A tiebar is fitted, but otherwise, it's up to the modeller to add "ties".

Amazingly, these appear to still be available - now from Trout Creek Engineering. I got a bargain too, only paying £4 for the pair!

My thinking is that these go in the On30 box. I know they are supposed to be HO, but that's just the gauge - I can put wider sleepers in myself and I have the Peco track spikes.

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