Friday, February 01, 2019

Retro fashion wear for nerdy types

For once in my life, I might be being cool. You see, I've just bought a retro rucksack.

Unsurprisingly, it's a Beatties bag, but doesn't it have a hint of the oh so fashionable retro look?

It's actually quite a good bag. The capacity is generous, I'd estimate 35 litres based on my workaday bag. The material is a bit nylony but the shape would accommodate a decent sized box, or boxes of kits.

The straps are the only bit that lets it down - cheap webbing - but that's what we wore in the good old days...

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Huw Griffiths said...

That looks OK - but it would never do at a model railway show. No way.

As I understand it, the basic "kit" for any self respecting show visitor includes a full-size, military spec, backpack - complete with frame - and some lengths of Streamline sticking out of the top at odd angles.

Standard accessories are reputed to include a pair of solidly constructed boots - preferably complete with steel toecaps - to assist with "gently persuading" other people in the Bachmann scrum to promptly get out of the way, following a "polite request".

Seriously though, a noisome minority of show visitors continue to give the responsible majority a bad reputation - a reputation we don't particularly appreciate by the way.

Joking aside, I don't doubt that certain gear might come in very useful at a number of model shows - but, somehow, I can't see much of it really being used "in anger". Not by model makers, anyway - most of us are far too polite a bunch for that sort of stuff … .