Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Painting big people

A little bit of catch-up on my workbench. Needing some figures for my railcar build in Garden Rail, I dug out some old Modeltown mouldings. They are a bit crude, but were fine for sitting inside a sealed coach. Not all of them were needed though so this mum and daughter were left over.

I'd painted the heads but left the rest. So I spent a happy evening just colouring up the clothes and hair. Why there is a pot of pink enamel in my collection I can't remember, but it was just right for this job.

Having said these are crude, the little girl is a really nicely posed figure. The stance is just right and perhaps with a bit of detailing and refining, she could be made into a really nice little model on her own. That innocent and inquisitive look really works. 

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