Thursday, February 21, 2019

L-Cut Creative 2-tier paint tray

I like toolboxes and spotted this nice little paint organiser on the L-Cut Creative stand at Doncaster. £7.99 buys an easy to assemble kit for a 2-level tray.

All the parts are laser cut from plywood. This has a slightly rough surface and benefitted from sanding on the faces to smooth things off. The parts lock together well with only a little PVA in the joins being enough to hold them. The centra handle keeps everything inline and stops the trays falling off while you carry them.

24 Humbrol pots are a tight fit into each level. I'm wondering about using them for small tools on the workbench as at 195 by 142mm, there should be space for all those regularly used items that don't make it back into the drawer.

Should you want a taller tray, a 5 tier version is available.

2 layer tray from L-Cut.

 Note: I paid for this tray myself. To be honest, I'd spent a day at the show and not aquired any toys so decided to purchase something fun to assemble. It was a good move.

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Unknown said...

I bought one of these at warley and just got around to making it. Somehow I managed to snap the bottom of the top tray in half. However, after the sides and ends were on and a liberal amount of glue it resolved itself in the end.

Nice and useful. Also just finished the ebma tool/bench tidy unit I got at expoem autumn. Great product.