Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday Wireless Club: Experimental Podcast

Something different this week - audio.

A few weeks ago, I went to an interesting session on podcasting (downloadable audio presentations, sort of like radio) and came away enthused about the possibilities for model railway news and stuff.

To cut a long story short, Andy York and I had a go. We've included an interview with Barry from Missenden Railway Modellers and Richard Davies from Hattons, that later looking at Brexit and how (if) it will affect his business.

The link below takes you to RMweb to download and listen. If I link that way we get some useful statistics and can decide if the idea has legs. Comments welcome.

The inaugural BRM Podcast. 


Apple Tree said...

The link on RM Web says "Attachment Unavailable".

Can you help ?

Phil Parker said...

Try again - I've just downloaded it and other have listened so it might just be a temporary glitch.

Grahame Every said...

At 1700 and again at 1713, I got the same 'Unavailable' message on screen, along with a request/demand to sign in to RMWeb. I really don't want to have to sign in to yet another body/organisation. I am a reader of Phil's blog, is that not enough?

Phil Parker said...

No, this blog is my personal project and not connected with my work for Warners.

I'll point the technical guys at this problem, you shouldn't need to sign in to download the podcast as far as I'm aware.

Grahame Every said...

1810 - Tried again, successful this time, no problem at all. Am now listening to and enjoying the content. Thanks very much.

Phil Parker said...

Andy has had a fiddle with the settings on the new RMweb software - looks like it works! Happy listening.

Ex-subscruber said...

So BRM's cult of the personality is alive and well!!

Andrew Howard said...

I enjoyed it Phil. I thought the length at around 30 minutes was spot on. The perfect length to enjoy with a cup of tea or listen to in the car.

I enjoyed the more relaxed, informal, feel compared to some of the dvd stuff.

It came across as more authentic, like chatting to yourselves when out and about at a show.

I think there maybe scope to use audio from the cutting room of the dvd, as sometimes a recorded conversation may extend the scope of a dvd segment.

James Finister said...

When I was, ahem, a young(er) and successful podcaster - I was once introduced at a conference in Vegas as a podcast rock star, but presumably of the ageing and past his prime variety - I picked up a few useful ideas.

Publish on multiple platforms
Make full use of analytics to understand your audience. We set the podcast up as a "Rest of the World Edition" as a sly dig at our American sister podcast, and were then surprised to discover we did indeed have a global audience
If possible publish show notes giving people appropriate links and signposting where in the podcast certain topics were discussed
Link it to events and keep it fresh by including guests. including people who are just ordinary folk like someone you run into in the coffee queue
Buy the services of the best sound engineer you can afford
Especially if recording remotely from each other, start recording before the official "start" That is often when we had our most insightful bits.