Wednesday, January 06, 2021



There are quite a lot of advertising hoardings around the Selly Oak bridge, and although my model has moved things around, I want to include adverts to add a bit of colour to the scene. 

Wills have provided the first one for the hill. All I had to do was pluck a couple of adverts from the web, re-size them and spray with matt varnish to avoid them fading. Why this looks odd in the photo is a mystery, but they look fine in real life. 

I reckoned an APT would make sense, since this model is for Rapido who built the APT-E model, and since Brexit was apparently done and dusted on the day I printed them, something about visiting Johnny Foreigner for your holidays in an Austin Allegro looks nice on the other half of the board.

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Andy York said...

Love the optimism of "visiting Johnny Foreigner for your holidays in an Austin Allegro" - you'd be lucky to get past Oxford before fumbling for your AA box key.