Monday, January 11, 2021

Vote on the 100mm challenge

Back in October, I was instrumental in setting up The 100mm Challenge in the Hornby Collectors Club magazine. Well, it's now time to vote on the resulting models. 

Hornby have put the entries into a couple of videos so you can take your pick.

Over 16 years of age


16 and under

To vote, go to the comments for each video and list your first, second and third choices.You'll need to watch these in YouTube to do that. 

I'm blown away by how many entries there are. Pessimistic Phil always worries that no-one will be bothered by all this, but it seems I am (happily) wrong. There's some nice modelling too in both categories, by some new modellers too. Always good news for the future of the hobby.

1 comment:

Nick Brad said...

I decided to look at and vote on the Under 16 category first, some great work and it was really hard to pick my favourite 3.
When it came to the Adult ones, it seems that a few didn't fit the brief in my view, having more than the allocated 100mm of track, so I immediately discounted them. Even so, I found myself looking at 6 to choose from for 2nd and 3rd place, 1st was an easy choice for me.