Monday, January 04, 2021

Does anyone actually BUILD the Wills bicycle shed?


The Wills SS23 Bicycle shed with Bicycles is a lovely kit, and one that has been around since the dawn of time (OK, 1980s), but I'm not sure how many I've actually seen built up on layouts. 

I wonder how many people, like me, see it as a source for rather nicely moulded bikes to decorate the layout? 

At a quid each, they don't seem cheap, but I can't think of a more economic way to add this vital detail to a layout. Well, unless you want to bend them up out of wire that is - and I don't. 

Selly Oak has gained a couple tucked away in the timber yard and I think they look great. A few dotted around are a quick and easy addition which give that all important clutter needed to make a layout come alive. 
If anyone can suggest alternative cycle suppliers though, I'm all ears! This is a 1970s layout, is there a 4mm scale Chopper out there?


Duncan Young said...

I think somebody does do a selection but you have a bit of surfing to do. Try PD Marsh?

Mark said...

Yes, having once spent about four hours making a 4mm scale mountain bike (see this post on my blog) from metal rod and wire, these look a much saner solution!

Andy in Germany said...

I think I made one many years ago. Finding bicycles in 1:55 was a bit if a faff, until I realised that there are 1:50 versions made for architects. They're also a bit prices though.

Anonymous said...

Scale model scenery do them! I just checked and it's £5.49 for a pack of 25 bikes. Minor assembly needed to glue the handle bars and seats on but I've used them in past and was really impressed by them.

Phil Parker said...

Good call! It must be one of the few kits from their range I don't have to hand.

M said...

I made up the bike shed and bikes for a corner of the station, it's a nice period touch. The scale model scenery kit looks good to bring up the numbers. Maybe my, yet unbuilt, pub should have a CTC winged wheel plaque.