Thursday, January 28, 2021

Woodyard, pylon, coach and gremlins in the March BRM

 There's an awful lot of me in the March 2021 issue of BRM. 

The main project is Selly Oak's timber yard. Six pages of scratchbuilding, kitbashing and general modelling joy. 

Next, I build a 2mm scale Pylon from Severn Models. It's not a difficult kit, and the instructions are excellent, so I cover a lot of bending, soldering and messing with etched brass techniques. 

Over on the review corner, I'm looking at Hornby's new generic pre-grouping coach. 

This was a novelty - the model arrived before Christmas, weeks before it was officially announced. I don't recall this ever happening before. We usually get our paws on products before they appear in the shops, so the mag appearance coincides with this to maximise sales, but before announcement? That's a first. The box had to be kept hidden when I was on a Zoom call with my mates!

A long while ago - in the time before Covid, I photographed the 7mm scale layout Amalgamated Wagon Works. The results are now on the page. It wasn't on the list to shoot, until I saw it at Doncaster 2019 - and then it very definitely was.

Finally, BRMTV

I'm showing you how to diagnose simple electrical problems around a point. To do this, I had to make the point fail - which turned out to be easier said than done. In the end, there was PVA glue used to "break" the point (simulated a typical fault) that I could then repair. Just my luck, I want something to be unreliable and it won't play ball...

More on March 2021 BRM over on RMweb.

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